Hup Heng Poultry industries' stringent safety management system ensures food safety standards, we are committed to excel

As A producer of poultry, Hup Heng Poultry Industries is committed to providing quality, hygienic and safe food for all consumers.

The company has earned numerous commendations over the years from the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) under the Food Excellence Scheme. 

Hup Heng has achieved 18 years of consecutive “A” grades as of calendar year 2018

Says Hup Heng’s management : “A breach in food safety standards can potentially undermine consumers’ trust and ruin our brand reputation built over the years.

“Food safety is, therefore, of paramount importance in our company’s philosophy and core values.”

Hup Heng obtained the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certification in 2002. HACCP is an international standard that ensures food safety and proper handling. It was also awarded the ISO22000 certification in 2009, an international standard designed to ensure the safety of the food supply chain.

Hup Heng achieve Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000) in 2018 by meeting the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Benchmarking Requirements.

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Product Review

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     1 out of 5

    *My long, tough Chicken Story* I bought the above item "Chicken Story Fresh Premium Hen" from NTUC online. It was delivered yesterday and we were excited to try the "premium" chicken. We had it steamed for a Cantonese-style sesame oil-ginger chicken dish for dinner the same evening. The result? After cooking for about 25 minutes on medium heat, more than the usual amount of water collected at the bottom of the dish, the skin was tough like leather and the flesh was so tough and unyielding that we found it practically impossible to bite into the cooked chicken flesh. We could also barely cut through the flesh with a knife! Since by then we concluded it must have been an old hen, we decided to recook it by boiling it for slightly more than an hour longer, constrained by dinner time, and it was still tough but became somewhat edible. Regrettably, the chicken soup even with chicken drippings from the steaming was not tasty like the usual and cheaper chickens we boil for soups. On the NTUC website, there is no mention that this was a Mother Hen or an old chicken. Please do not market this item as a "Premium hen" but describe it accurately in the title (not just in the description) that it is an "Old Hen" or "Mother Hen". This will prevent customers from being misled into buying an unsuitable product for their needs. Kindly also state the cooking method suitable for the product. Owing to the unpleasant experience we had, this is an item we will definitely not recommend.

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     5 out of 5

    Awesome Deliveryman and items ������������2nd o

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