Nature of work

The principal activities of Hup Heng are to carry on the business of slaughtering, processing and sale of fresh and frozen poultry, frozen beef and mutton & quail.

Located at 30 Senoko Crescent , our chicken processing and slaughtering plant is one of the few highly automated chicken abattoirs in Singapore. It is equipped with advanced machinery at every stage.

Our plant is equipped with an uninterrupted cold chain system, which strategically links slaughtering and further processing operations via temperature-controlled corridors, ensuring a high standard of hygiene and unrivalled product freshness.

Furthermore, our facilities are capable of further processing capabilities such as product customization. This includes processing dressed chickens into various portion cuts and marinating the chickens and chicken parts into ready-to-cook products. Our position as a leading supplier to major fast food chains, reputable restaurants and top supermarkets in Singapore attests to the confidence our customers have in our capability and reliability.


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